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Luke 17: Only What’s Expected

That’s how it is with you.  When you’ve done everything you’re told, say this: “We’re just ordinary slaves.  All we’ve done is what we were supposed to do.” (17:10)

Yeah, I have been known to do it.  That typical male trespass.  Yes, I have jumped out of my dinner chair, rushed into the kitchen to do the dishes, only to then expect some sort of praise for my great deed.  Of course, my wife does the dishes many times a week, never to fanfare.  Of course, the dishes have never been assigned to her, as if we did that sort of thing.  So I am not doing any great thing, am I?  Yet, how easy it is to go looking for praise.

I think that same attitude is easy to have with God.  God, did you see what I just did?  Did you see how I obeyed without you even asking?  Impressed?

Why do we see obedience as an extra we do for God, not part of the job?  I need to change that way of thinking.

What hit you in this chapter?

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