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Matthew 11: The Lighter Way

Are you having a real struggle?  Come to me!  Are you carrying a big load on your back?  Come to me — I’ll give you a rest!  Pick up my yoke and put it on; take lessons from me!  My heart is gentle, not arrogant.  You’ll find the rest you deeply need.  My yoke is easy to wear; my load is easy to bear. (11:28-30)

Today’s choice of passage is entirely emotional.  I need to hear these words.  I need to meditate on them all day long.  Some days I don’t believe the way of Jesus is easier, but he says it is.  Will I believe that?  Some times I can think of a million other things to help me find rest, long before I go to Jesus.  Will I go to him first?  Praise God in faith that he is gentle and offers us something better and lighter and more blessed.

Have you ever felt this way?

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