Reading Plan

Here is the reading plan I am using to guide me through the year (Discipleship_Journal_-_5x5x5).  This plan comes from Discipleship Journal.  Click on the link and download the reading plan today.  I will tweak this a bit and keep my reflection days on Saturday and Sunday every week.  I find it to be a particularly manageable reading plan for busy people with a set schedule during the work week.  I will read one chapter of the New Testament each weekday over the course of the year.  That will likely take no longer than five minutes per day, ten minutes if you get more active than simply reading.  Ideal for the chronically busy!

I also like the way the New Testament is divided up in this plan.  The Gospels are spaced out throughout the year, so you return to the life of Jesus quarterly.  I really like the variety that comes from jumping from Gospels to Acts to Epistles and back again.  Maybe you will like it too.

All of us have five minutes to spare for reading the words of our Creator and King.  Join the reading today!

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