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How do we know God intimately if we don’t read the Bible?  That is a question more and more people are asking as our biblical literacy rates drop lower and lower and the level of virtue found in Christians also ebbs low.  How can we be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2) if our minds rarely concentrate on God’s holy words?

The Bible must be our constant companion.  Not “must” as in we will be in trouble if we don’t.  “Must” as in we will starve if we don’t.

Some of us who have been Christians for many years have to admit that the words of the Bible become a bit too plain; they begin to lose their meaning and impact.  When that happens, an excellent way to freshen up the liveliness of the Word is to read the Bible in a new, less familiar translation or paraphrase.  That is precisely the impetus for this blog.

Renowned New Testament scholar N. T. Wright has just produced The Kingdom New Testament, a provocative translation of the New Testament.  True to the theology that runs throughout all of his work, Wright’s New Testament accentuates the theme of God’s coming kingdom that was so pivotal to the teaching of Jesus and the message of the early Church.  Fresh and modern, The Kingdom New Testament makes the reader take notice of the text, something I very much need again.

I am Jason Knight, a committed follower of Christ.  Daily I strive to put to death my will and to let God’s will be done in my life, often with mixed results.  Thank God for his grace!  A husband and father of boys, life is very busy.  That is probably why I have chosen to use this blog with my year-long reading; it produces an accountability and structure I often find lacking in my own life.  By day, I teach 11th & 12th grade Bible and religion at Harding Academy in Memphis, Tennessee, a wonderful place to work and a vocation that places me on the front lines with teenagers deciding what they will do with Jesus.  Exciting!  Life is especially blessed when a good steak, a rich dessert, a stimulating book, a beautiful hike, or time with friends and family come my way.

The format for my posts are simple: Starting January 2, 2012, each weekday I will read one chapter from the New Testament using N. T. Wright’s translation.  I will at least post my favorite few verses from that day’s reading.  Maybe other days I will add my own reflections as well.  The point is to read; blogging is secondary.  Can I read more than a chapter a day?  Sure, but I am using the age-old practice of slow, close, meditative reading.  This is what Eugene Peterson calls “eating the word” or “chewing on the text.”  In the midst of busy chaos, I find it immensely necessary and restorative.

I invite you to read with me.  Maybe you pick up Wright’s translation.  Or Eugene Peterson’s The Message.  Maybe this is the year you pick up your own Bible and really read through the New Testament.  I hope you will join me!


41 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Michelle Betts

    Thanks for the invite! I too, begin with great
    Plans to stick to a daily devotional plan, only
    To be swept away by schedule or laziness or
    Several other of the many excuses for not being committed!

  2. Thanks, Jason. I look forward to the progress and insights.

  3. Susan Rubio

    Thanks, Jason. Sounds great. Love the idea of a community reading together.

  4. Trent Williamson

    I’m so excited to join you in this adventure. There are few people whom I respect and admire more than you….and I am honored to call you my friend!!

  5. Kelly Prine

    I look forward to joining you and others as we read God’s word together in 2012! I hope that by doing this together, I will stick to my goal and will grow closer to God this year! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  6. Trent & Kelly: Welcome aboard! Off we go!

  7. Brian Hoover

    Jason…thanks for the invitation to join you on this adventure. I am excited to be part of this group and can’t wait to experience God more through this effort in 2012. Thanks for structuring this so all of us can be filled with all the fullness of God by consuming His word daily.

    • Glad to have you here, Brian! Here’s to hoping, as Kelly said, that the structure will keep us all on track most of the time.

  8. William Merritt

    Thanks for putting this blog together. Being in a group will keep me motivated.

  9. Chris Dahlberg

    Count me in! Great use of technology in the spiritual realm! Great news on this Jan. 1 and thanks for the invitation!

  10. Chris & William: Great to have you aboard! Yes, it is all about the motivation and structure!

  11. Susan Houston

    I look forward to reading with all of you. This is a great way to start the year. This will be great for me at this point in my life. Thanks for doing this.

  12. connie massie

    Thanks so much for doing this. This should be a great thing for all of us.

    • It has already been an encouragement to me to see how many people have pledged to make a start to reading thru the NT this year. Look forward to your wisdom.

  13. Kristen Williamson

    I’m in… and I’m excited! Thanks Jason!

  14. Mike Hibbard

    I’m looking forward to the reading and discussion! Thanks, Jason. I appreciate all that you do!

  15. Denise Nickleson

    What a great way to be connected with our Father and each other. Thanks for providing this opportunity and structure.
    Denise Nickleson

  16. Greg Taylor

    I’m hopping on too Mr Knight!

  17. I am glad you are all here and raring to go. Inevitably things happen and we “fall off the cart” from time to time, but no worries.

    Harold Shank once said in a sermon (some of you heard him say this too, or have heard me say this before) that if all we ever did was grab one thing from the Bible everyday, that may only take a minute or two each day, but by the end of the year that could be over 350 gems from the Father that we did not have before or that we admire anew. No guilt. Let’s all read what we can and do the best we can.

    See you tomorrow, in Mark 1.

  18. SeanPrine

    Thanks for the work putting this together! I definitely in.

  19. Georgia Stafford

    Count me in Jason! I too need this accountability to keep me on track. If I gain 350 gems this year from our heavenly Father, I will be so blessed! Thanks for organizing this group. 🙂

  20. Linda

    Gems from the WORD, gems from Jason, and gems from so many brothers and sisters! How exciting is that! Thanks, Jason.

  21. Hi Jason,

    I am blessed by your blog. short, yet profound post – truly eating not to get stomach full but rather tasting and getting all the vitamins and minerals.

    exactly what it means to “meditate on it day and night and you will find good success”.
    Hagah, meditate

    there is this website i found last month..im not promoting it.. feel free to delete the link below


    im not sure if this is gonna be helpful, but you can plot bible reading into chapters and verses and keep track of them.

    – grace and peace

  22. Thanks for making me aware of this translation. Will have to check it out.. Peace!

  23. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award!!! See your nomination here: http://futureflyingsaucers.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/the-versatile-blogger-award/

    • I am honored that you would nominate me! I am thankful that what I do here is helpful to you. The community this little blog has formed is immensely helpful to me. I am glad you are a part of it. I don’t think I will post the image nor pass it along as that doesn’t really fit my goals for this blog, but please don’t interpret that as ingratitude. Thanks!

  24. “The point is to read; blogging is secondary.”

    The point is to read AND then ruminate. Blogging it or writing it back to God allows me to do so much more than if I just passively read a passage. Doing something with the passage make it become alive to us. Writing down an interpretation or application of the passage to me now helps me see what God is doing in me and around me. When I see that my faith is strengthened and I am supplied with what I need for the day.

    I love the above approach best. The next best thing is to listen as I work, drive, or walk on my mp4 player. There is something about hearing the word which also make is come alive.

  25. Eddy Efaw

    I’m back in for 2015!

  26. Ryan Merritt

    Glad I stumbled across this! I got some friends from college together, and we are excited to take the journey with you!

    • Hey Ryan! So glad you did stumble this way! I know you are busy doing the college thing but this is an easy way to stay in the Word. Five minutes a day. So glad you are taking some spiritual leadership with your friends. Good for you!

  27. Brodie Brumley

    I look forward to reading with you.

  28. Brodie Brumley

    I just heard about this tonight from eddy, and I’m looking forward to studying this through with you all.

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