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Welcome (Back)!

What was started just as a way to keep me disciplined in my Bible reading and as a vehicle for my expression has turned out to be something others have found useful too, and in a perennial way.  Praise God alone for that!  To use this blog as a guide for your reading, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Find the reading schedule on the “Reading Plan” page in the upper right hand corner.  Construct a plan that works for you.  Use any translation, but try out a new one.  I like to read during the work week and take the weekends off for family and rest.

  2. Read your chapter for the day and then take a look at the short thoughts on the chapter posted here.  You can find those by clicking on the present month in the “Archives” section in the left-hand sidebar.  Then scroll down to the correct chapter.  Sorry, blog posts naturally pile on top of each other.  You will starting from the bottom and work up.

  3. You can find what others are saying this year by looking at the “Recent Comments” section in the left-hand sidebar.  You will be taken to that comment by clicking on the link.

  4. Join in!  Share your reflections as you read.  You will find you are more engaged and have an easier time sticking with it.

May our exercise of communal reading be a blessing to you this year as we all grow into the image of Jesus.

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