2 Timothy 4: Paul’s Last Words

If it is true that 2 Timothy is Paul’s last preserved letter, today we read Paul’s last recorded words.  This passage especially captures the moment:

For I am already being poured out as a drink-offering; my departure time as arrived.  I have fought the good fight; I have completed the course; I have kept the faith.  What do I still have to look for?  The crown of righteousness!  The Lord, the righteous judge, will give it to me as my reward on that day — and not only to me, but also to all who have loved his appearing. (4:6-8)

What hit home with you as you read the letters to Timothy?

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6 thoughts on “2 Timothy 4: Paul’s Last Words

  1. Chris Dahlberg

    This chapter has a lot of meaning for me because of Mrs. Dorothy Bennett. At the Raleigh church, Mrs. Bennett was the 6th grade Sunday School teacher (and sometimes she continued with you into 7th). She had all the girls memorize I Corinthians 13. All the boys memorized Paul’s charge to Timothy found in this chapter.
    One by one as your Sunday approached you worked to be able to say it perfectly because you wanted Mrs. Bennett to be proud of you. Each Sunday, one student would say her or his passage. Mrs. Bennett teared up each time. Her example made me think about the power of Scripture when it is combined with a love of people. At that important time in my young life Mrs. Bennett brought God’s word into my life in a very special way. I felt like Paul was talking to me! Which he was!

  2. Eddy Efaw

    Overall I was struck by the very personal nature of this letter. The closeness of the relationship between Paul and Timothy came shining through as I read this time. This was true especially at the close of letters. I also wonder what people would glean about my relationship with God via the interactions I have with the people that I mentor?

    • Great point about the relationship between Paul and Timothy. And an excellent question at the end.

      I see optimism and confidence in a powerful, personal God to help people reach their full potential in how you mentor. For sure.

  3. “Accept the hard times along with the good.”

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