Luke 13: One More Year

I have been reading the Bible for a long time, but I can honestly say I don’t believe I have ever really noticed this parable.

Once upon a time there was a man who had a fig tree in his vineyard.  He came to it looking for fruit, and didn’t find any.  So he said to the gardener, “Look here!  I’ve been coming to this fig tree for three years hoping to find some fruit, and I haven’t found any!  Cut it down!  Why should it use up the soil?”

“I tell you what, Master,” replied the gardener; “let it alone for just this one year more.  I’ll dig all around it and put on some manure.  Then, if it fruits next year, well and good; and if not, you can cut it down.” (13:6-9)

I am amazed by the amount of grace in this little parable.  One man is ready to give up on the fig tree.  The other one (Jesus?) wants to wait just one more year.  One more chance!  That is our God!  Yes, it is grace mixed with expectation.  This fig tree needs to produce.  But, when others are ready to cut it down, Jesus isn’t.  Not yet.

Do we ever write people off too soon?  It seems like this parable is implying so.

What do you think?  

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4 thoughts on “Luke 13: One More Year

  1. Umm Muhamamd

    Hi Jason,

    Can you explain to me what grace is, as Christians understand. I really don’t know and I haven’t asked any Christian about the concept of grace in Christianity. Thank you

    Umm Muhamamd

    • Sorry, no time today. Busy, busy. Check out the “grace” tag on my Qur’an blog and see if that helps. Or the same on this blog. That is a really big topic that will necessitate lots and back and forth. Glad to do it, just not this week. Sorry. Maybe some other Christian reader would like to pick it up and give it a stab?

      Way over-simplified: Grace is when you receive something from God you do not deserve, you have not earned, and you could not earn. We deserve to die for our sins, but Jesus died in our place so we could continue to live. We deserve Hell, but because of Jesus we receive Heaven. We deserve a life of heartache and suffering because of our sinful and stupid choices, but God gives us a better life than we deserve.

      Sorry, that is all for right now. Got to run!

      • Umm Muhamamd

        Inshallah will reply later to that brother Jason. A little busy with exams. Meanwhile I just wanted to ask, have you ever listened/heard Arabic, anything, anyone speaking Arabic, poetry, an Arabic song or even the Quran?

        I just want 3 mins from you, Brother Jason. Please can you listen to the following link and tell me if you can find a difference? The whole clip is about 6 mins. I would like it if you could listen from mins 4:00 and listen very attentively and carefully with full concentration from 4:10 until 4:33. Then continue listening and then again from 4:44 listen attentively and carefully till 5:02. Please tell me if you sensed any difference between the two specified discourse. I will appreciate very much if you could do this.

        Umm Muhamamd

  2. In this chapter I am struck by the expectations Jesus places on people. It is very clear in this chapter that Jesus is not okay with just anyone and everyone. He loves all surely. He is open to all. But he also has expectations and disappointment and even judgment for those who are opposed to the ways of God.

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