Romans 4: Saved by Faith

In what would have been a powerful illustration to the Jewish Christians in the Romans church, Paul makes the point that just as was true in the life of Abraham, we are saved by faith not works.

Everyone has a definition of “faith.”  This chapter has a pretty good one too:

He [Abraham] didn’t waver in unbelief when faced with God’s promise [of a son even though he was approaching 100 years old].  Instead, he grew strong in faith and gave glory to God, being fully convinced that God had the power to accomplish what he had promised [even though it defied logic]. (4:20-21)

Faith is believing that God can do something even though it is entirely against all odds.

When was the last time you acted on a belief in God that defied logic and was against all odds?  

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4 thoughts on “Romans 4: Saved by Faith

  1. Pat

    Ouch, your question is hard to answer! I am always amazed at Abraham’s faith. What led him to it?

    I am reading the Jerusalem Bible today. I especially like the translation of 4:4-5 “If a man has work to show, his wages are not considered as a favour but as his due; but when a man has nothing to show except faith in the one who justifies sinners, then his faith is considered as justifying him.”

    It’s another vivid reminder to me of God’s generosity. Wow! I have to believe and live my life in response to that generosity; there’s nothing else I can do in the face of it.

    • I believe there once was a time when I had a strong faith that involved risk. It has been a while, though, since I have really stepped out on faith to do something uncalculated. I am not advocating recklessness or even risk just for risk’s sake, but maybe I need a stretch again.

      • Pat

        Oh, Jason, I think reading publicly in this blog and commenting daily is a good example of stepping out in faith.

  2. “If Abraham, by what he did for God, got God to approve him, he could certainly have taken credit for it. But the story we’re given is a God-story, not an Abraham-story.”

    I love that wording! And it summarizes the whole chapter nicely! How quick we are to take the credit back, to minimize grace and faith, by talking about what we have done or have to do. Faith is always responsive.

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