Best Practices

Well, we are six weeks into our goal of reading through the New Testament slowly and closely this year.  How is it going?  Comments are drying up a bit, but that is okay.  While they do help create community, the real point of this blog is to create structure and motivation for our own reading.  Please do consider making a comment this weekend, though, with your best practices.  What are you doing that has given you greater success with your reading than you have experienced in the past?  What added techniques do you have in place that keep you on track?  What suggestions do you have for the rest of us?

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4 thoughts on “Best Practices

  1. Melanie

    For me, reading a single chapter from a version different from my usual has been doable. I usually read after things are settled after dinner. I go away from the TV, and I read with pen in hand, ready to mark things I notice and want to remember. After I read the passage, I read Jason’s comments and others’ responses and then comment if I have something to say. I don’t have a super-duper secret method or anything, but I so appreciate and enjoy the comments from others, as well, of course, as Jason’s guiding blog entries.

  2. Pat

    I don’t have Wright’s translation, but I am following the blog. I find that reading different translations is very illuminating. My all-time favorite is the Good News Bible. I combine that with the NIV and the Message. After reading all three on any difficult passage, I feel like I have at least a small grasp on the meaning.

  3. Georgia Stafford

    I’m reading some historical fiction by Francine Rivers that is taking place in Rome and Ephesus. Christians in the book are teaching about Jesus to sick people that are on the steps of the temple of Artemis. I know it is fiction, but reading these novels along with Paul’s real account of missionary life in Acts, gives me a clearer understanding of what is happening in the scripture.

    Everything I’m reading points to Jesus as the only truth!

  4. Thank you, ladies, for sharing with us your practices. No magic formulas, just find a time that is quiet and uninterrupted, and read. A fourth follower of this blog said the same to me yesterday. It is the discipline of reading that is being rewarded, not the way one does it. And the power is always in the text. Exactly!

    Thank you for being regular contributors as well to our collective thinking on the day’s text. I benefit from your thoughts.

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