How is it going?

It has been three weeks now and we finish the first of the four gospels tomorrow.  What a great way to start – plugging into the incredible story of Jesus!  Have you had a hard time getting into the groove?  No worries!  We start the book of Acts on Tuesday, and that would be a great place for a restart if you need it.  So much action, and incredible themes to watch unfold.  May your weekend be blessed and restful!

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2 thoughts on “How is it going?

  1. Georgia Stafford

    I’m so motivated to stick with this reading plan! Jason, I really appreciate your willingness to start each weekday with a sincere thought about our text. You are a blessing to all of us. 🙂

    • Thank you, Georgia. You are sweet. I appreciate the encouragement. I love the structure and accountability it has brought to my life and I hope it is bringing something similar to you all who read. I also am helped considerably by those who take an extra minute or two to add a comment, as you have been doing. Sometimes life is too busy or there is nothing to say, but I love the sense of community I feel building.

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